Studio Equipment Tour

Studio Setup

For those that are curious about what tech I use  – here it is:

The studio can handle audio and video for a number of guests at the same time.

This Studio has a number of uses.


One section is office work and this needs to be kept completely seperate from gaming as it is always possible gamers can accidentally ‘leak’ information especially when using OBS!



So like any generic office, HP PhotoSmart 8450 printer (which is rarely used) this is older but does not force ink issue from generic suppliers! Dell XPS PC with a Samsung monitor my trusty old Logitech keyboard and wired Logitech basic mouse. Nothing fancy I actually run windows 7 on it because I do like it and many of the programs I use like video editing etc just are better kept separate from gaming. To me gaming should be as near to a console on a PC as possible. If it is not gaming and not going to be public then it goes on the Dell. Both machines have external 2TB backup drives.



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