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  • The History of the Dark Web

    History of the Dark web! What is the Deep Web? And what is the Dark Web? For many the Dark Web is a distant and confusing concept. But for the rest it is a Bitcoin fueled free market or criminal underworld depending on your POV! Enjoy Have fun and VPN days Surfwidow

  • Crypto values plunge Bitcoin drops and Etherium Mining may be coming to an end!

    I am fascinated by Crypto and altcoins. In 2013/14 Fr. Robert Ballecer (the Digital Jesuit) had a show on Twit and at that time it was already almost impossible to mine bitcoins. But the still popular Dogecoin was young and very easy to mine and encouraged people to do so. Back then if you mined…

  • UK to regulate Bitcoin and digital currency exchanges

    Digital Currency takes first step to becoming a legitimate UK currency. View image | gettyimages.com The UK are now investing in a research body to examine digital currency. It is suggested that George Osbourne will invest £10 million for a formal research group and the Bank of England are involved