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  • The IBM PC turns 40

    Well it is everywhere. Nerds across the world reporting on the fact it has been 40 years since IBM famously launched the Model 5150 (or IBM PC). At a time when Commodore and Apple controlled the market Big Blue, who were more known for their bland beige business machines (the clue is in their title…

  • IBM Discloses new super chip!

    This is interesting, as just when you thought that we were reaching the limitations of chip design IBM pull this out of the bag!

  • The Top Tech Stories Bite Sized!

    So Happy New Year. Again there have been some really interesting technology stories that I think you might be interested in. This is taken from the general pattern of conversation in the tech world last month. I will as always bite-size them so they do not bore the reader – so let’s get started!  …