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  • Boston Dynamics New Humanoid Robot (ATLAS ROBOT)

    Not much to say other than it has begun! Here is the full link and video and MKBHD take on it below. https://bostondynamics.com/atlas Atlas | Boston Dynamics Have fun and scary skynet days! Surfwidow

  • NYPD Robot Dog at an actual crime scene

    Video of a Police Robot Dog ending a standoff in New York on a Metro bus So we have all seen the Boston Dynamics robot animals. But here is one is use. As the saying goes… And so it begins… It was quoted by one podcaster as almost like looking at an episode of Black…

  • Tesla Bot vs Boston Dynamics

    New Tesla Bot Well despite Elons nervousness around AI he continues to push forward with his semi sentient robots. Describing his cars as Robots rather than regular vehicles. It is clear this man is on a mission. Elon to me is difficult to read. He is very distant in most interviews and often challenges the…