How do I remove the Windows 10 pop-up message on Windows 7

How do you remove the Windows 10 nagging message?


On Windows 7 and 8 people are sick of the pop-up that says that it is time for you to upgrade to Windows 10!

Now if like me you use some PCs with Media Center for TV (with tuners) or you have a stable rig you love on windows 7 (or 8), then the annoying upgrade now message is just too much.

Microsoft want you to upgrade ASAP, and if you have Recommended Updates set to install – bad news as Wiin 10 may install automatically. The first thing you will find in that case is that EULA screen asking you to agree. But by that point you have already installed it – probably when you were asleep at 3am (the default time). Even if you disagree it may try to return you to 7/8 only to bork your system!

Then there are the ‘agreers’ those that never read all that and just click OK – be careful as the ‘do not agree’ is not a big button it is a small text link at the top of the EULA screen.

Now the easiest way is to do the following.

  1. Turn off ‘Recommended Updates’ – just allow ‘Important Updates’ Only! To do that go to Start, Control Panel, windows Update and select the choice from the drop down box ASAP.
  2. Visit this page (it has been tested by leading security experts such as Steve Gibson etc as safe). and select GWX Control Panel – it is free. And remove that bug screen message! If you have not seen it then it maybe hidden by your clock on the bottom right of the screen click the upward triangle/arrow entitled show hidden icons. And it is probably there waiting to ambush you ;).

That said Windows 10 is a good operating system – I was an ‘insider’ (tester) on the development of the software if you search back through this blog you will find out all about that. BUT! If you need Media Center, despite the best efforts of programmes like this to try to bring back Windows Media Center to Windows 10, it is still too buggy to compete with 7. Remember 7 will be supported for quite sometime to come and if you use it purely for media or TV or watching movies then it will last you a VERY long time!



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