How do I run Windows Media Center on Windows 10?

Can Windows Media Center run on Windows 10?

This is something that Microsoft have been squeezing out since Windows 7. One of the big issues stopping Windows 7 users upgrading to Windows 10 has been the loss of Windows Media Center. Many do not use it it is true, but for a few that rely on it as their …well? Media Center/TV or have it running as their media server machine serving movies and music etc. It is vital! Well for me it is what I use to watch over-the-air content (and satellite) using Hauppauge Tuners. Well there is a fix…sort of.

And details are here. However, I have a dual aprtition drive on my media center 7 machines. One has Windows 7 and the other windows 10 in dual boot. I selected Windows 10, and then installed this hack to see if it worked. And yes it does. However, it failed to scan for over-the-air channels. So effectively it became a glorified VLC device. Ironically VLC did a better job. I just linked that to my home group and played recordings from another media center machine that was in another room.

My advice would be to stick with your Windows 7 or if you paid for the Media Center upgrade on window 8 for now. As, as they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!