Computer Long Beep or beeps (SOLVED)

Q. Why is my computer making a long Beep with no signal on my monitor screen?

The problem is often very simple on a PC as in a PC tower you can open the side. And disconnect things one by one then reconnect them one by one until the problem occurs once more.

Here is an example:

PC running Windows 10 has been fine. Then one day black screen. So assumed it was GPU. Swapped it for another and problem persists. Pressed all cables into sockets in case they worked loose. Still a problem. Power light was on. Pressed all connections firmly into the motherboard. Still the same. Removed all Ram sticks then slowly returned them to their slots one at a time. Slot 1 booted up all good! Added stick to slot 2 again booted up all good. Added stick back to slot 3 Long BEEP NO BOOT!!! removed it added it to Slot 4. Booted up fine! So trouble shooting this it was a Ram Slot three fault. As there are 4 slots then simply do not use that slot.

Now this may not fix yours. But this solved this PCs problem. It is often a case of slowly working your way around until you find the issue. With a laptop with onboard graphics it can be far more difficult. However. Always check the RAM! This is a VERY common issue and it is often the last thing people check as they cannot understand how something that doesnt move can go bad!

It does!