How much water for 500g pasta? (SOLVED)

How Much water do I need for Spaghetti?

OK so this is kinda annoying. I have cooked pasta for years and often just play it by ear. But there are so many conflicting answers to this especially when it comes to US weights and measurements. Like Gallons and Quarts? I live in the UK! So want Litres! So how much water ratio do I need for your average pack of cheapo 500g Pasta (spaghetti) found in Morrisons or Aldi?

Answer A 1.7L Kettle full! You can over fill them to about 1.9 but it might splash out of the top. Boil it pour it into the saucepan! Job done! As a Kettle is way more efficient at boiling water than a hob (even My induction hob cant beat a kettle!) then use a Kettle after all it is just standing there. Handful of salt and away yo go! For some reason all the packets say 8mins. But to me it always tastes under cooked! So I always go for 12+ mins drain and serve! Or Freeze? I boil up 3 packs at a time then portion it out into containers and freeze it! Its a bit industrial but who has time to boil pasta? Me once in a blue Moon!

Have Fun and hope this helps!



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