What is the best multivitamin? Aldi v Morrisons

What is the best multivitamin Morrisons vs Aldi

Many supermarkets in the UK sell multivitamins. In this case the version with minerals (which is bigger). Recently I noticed Morrisons changed their tablet but not their bottle. I was shocked to see the new pill was almost identical to the version sold by Aldi for much less! I was actually not only surprised but annoyed by this as it felt sneaky as its the same bottle Morrisons used to use but with different contents. Just look at the prices and photos below and you tell me if you feel that this is one manufacture shipping in a multitude of branded bottle now?

Morrisons A-Z Multi Vitamins
60 per pack

Aldi A-Z Multivitamin & Mineral Tablets
60 per pack

I think this is a no brainer! Morrisons recently changed their vitamin tablet from a easy to swallow brown shiny pill to apparently a generic multivitamin shown in the photo. I was shocked because this appears to be the exact same vitamin many other businesses sell. In particular Aldi. Who is much cheaper.

My advice is go with Aldi!

Stay well and stay safe! :)x <3