What is the most secure operating system?

What is the safest Operating system? What is the most private operating system?

Interesting topic and one that due to the way the world is going especially in Russia and China something the world at least needs to know.

Edward Snowdon recommended Tails. Tails similar to Linux derivatives like Mint (I like Mint as it is a good replacement for Windows) can be run from a USB drive. Even on other peoples machines. It can be encrypted and use email. Thus it leaves no trace that you have been using the PC for anything other than what is on it when you unplug the stick.

In very austere regimes, this is important as should the ‘authorities’ take the computer to be examined the operating system can be stored on a small memory stick that can easily be hidden.

More recently Edward Snowdon changed his recommendation to QubesOS

This can be run like a regular operating system. However, this is more like running multiple virtual machines. Each program runs in its own sandbox making attacks very difficult.

If you are very security conscious. And do not like your PC phoning home (and it does!) and want good windows security advice then check out Security Now! and ShieldsUP! Also send a moment trawling through Barnacules videos on YouTube!