Does Elon Musk Play Computer Games? (SOLVED)

Is Elon Musk a Gamer?

Yes in a recent interview he stated he plays Elden Ring on PC (because high spec PCs have better graphics and Elden Ring looks spectacular!).

Does Elon Musk Play on Games Consoles?

When asked if he plays on any particular console (PS5 or Xbox) he stated that Consoles are just PCs and that playing on PC makes more sense as you can do much more than game with a good PC.

My personal view on console vs PC wars

I have always had this opinion including the fact I can never understand why people buy smart TVs? Buy a good gaming PC and a Good large Monitor. The quality is exceptional as is the refresh rate you get no screendoor when close to the screen (pixel mesh) as the pixels are so fine. Its less fatiguing to look at over long periods due to having advanced low blue and nightime filters. And its a PC connected to it which is far smarter than ANY smart TV! You can do everything with it and watch ironically TV…

I find myself agreeing with Elon yet again!

A good example of this is I liked to play on PS3, why cos I could root the console and run mods… last year GTA Online closed its PS3 servers down. Why because it has newer generation console (now PS5). Approx the same time I bought on Steam GTA5 that just gets constantly upgraded and always works. I can even create a copy folder and inside that run LSPDFR see the right hand side categories for more on why this is amazing to play cop i8n GTA5! Can’t do that on a console mate!

So if you are saving for a console just make sure that it does all the above! 😉 PS You often have to pay an additional fee to play on consoles online. That’s a real problem for me.

Have fun and happy days