Why Windows does not actually shut down when you shutdown!

How do I shutdown my PC so its is actually shutdown?

This is interesting and not a lot of people realise that when you click ‘Shutdown’ the windows PC does not actually Shutdown! What is actuall happening is it hibernates the Kernel. In other words, when you do updates, windows says RESTART your computer… the reason for this is a RESTART actually shuts down the Kernel (The Kernel is what makes communication between hardware and software possible.

Windows Updates insist on restart (not shutdow), Have you ever seen Update and restart or Update and shutdown? If you watch carefully it partially restarts. When you update non core essential programs like video cards or even Steam. It can suddenly break and not work. Restarting the PC often fixes it. Because a restart restarts the Kernel.

When The IT Crowd (UK TV Series) joke, “have you tried turning it off and on again?…” they are not joking.

The problem is from Windows 8 onwards Microsoft created something called ‘fast start’ This is only possible because the Kernel is already loaded with part of the bootup. So how do you actually shutdown the PC (like a restart but without restarting?)

Press Shift as you click the Shutdown Icon! 

or f you do not want to do this every time and want it more permanent do this…

The other option (so it always does it) is
Control Panel – Hardware and Sound – Power Options – Change what the power buttons do – and simply uncheck TURN ON FAST STARTUP (recommended). Then when you shut down normally it will always actually shutdown the kernel! But may take a little longer to start.

Listen if you have a pretty stable setup no need to do this, only if you are having problems with hardware (routers, keyboards, graphics cards, control devices like gamepads etc?) or software communicating or recognising each other.

Hope this helps

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