Cheap DIY Universal Wall Mounted Spotting Scope Bracket.

How do I make a budget wall mount for my spotting scope? (Solved)

Cheap wall bracket for a Telescope (solved)

Well to cut a long story short this is an Allcam L293XS Universal Swivel Arm from Amazon costing £14!

However it does need some minor simple modification and a cheap or old pan tilt tipod head mount. You could get away with a cheap ball and socket but you want this level really. If you have an old tripod or look on gumtree or ebay or carbootsales you can pick up a head for next to nothing (even free on Facebook), however, even if you buy one on Amazon its still a wall mount for very little as an all metal mount like this for a wall is around £100+. And that still doesnt have the tripod head!

Folded so unlike a tripod I can access the window and have more space but it is there ready to swing over when required to look out to sea. 🙂

Now you maybe thinking meh?! But before you give up, if you have a spotting scope, chances are you have a tripod, or a free table one that came with it you can modify or even just buy a cheap tripod that you can use outside and just unbolt the head. Here is an example although I am not sure if this head (Amazon Basics 127 cm (50 Inch) Lightweight Tripod) can be unscrewed so make sure you check that out in advance. I happened to have an old Alcam Monitor mount (MDM11A Single Monitor Arm Stand w/Desk Mount Clamp) I no longer use so used a peice of this which was compatible to extend it further but as you can see from the images even without that it still has plenty of ‘scope’ for adjustment. Get it? [GROAN!]

That said here are my results(above) and all that was required was a bolt the same size as the tripod head mounting thread.

Hope this helps.

Have fun and happy days!




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