HORI Force Feedback Truck Control System for PC REVIEW

HORI Force Feedback Truck Control System Vs Moza R5 Bundle and TSW wheel (SOLVED).

What is the new Truck Wheel and shifter for ETS2 called? (SOLVED)

What is the new Truck Wheel and shifter for ATS called? (SOLVED)

Due for release end of 2024 this new Truck sim setup for ATS and ETS2 is already making waves.

Recently tested by SCS (the makers of Eurotruck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator) they seemed genuinely impressed with it. Watch their stream below.

Hori Truck Wheel Reviewed and tested!

HORI Force Feedback Truck Control System Alternative

The biggest problem I can foresee with this product from Hori is I doubt they expected Moza to release their TSW Truckwheel for their Direct Drive Base whilst this Hori system was in development. This Hori is Priced at £599 ($758.30) and it includes the wheel, base pedals and shifter. However, Moza have a R5 kit which is a DD wheel (more than enough torque for a Power steering Truck and far superior to a cog based system (which is already dated) and upgradeable or adaptable with a different wheel which is far more versatile should you fancy a change from trucking. The R5 bundle does come with a wheel.

With this Moza wheel R5 kit below which comes with a set of pedals (you will need the extra clutch pedal if you buy the R5 kit), shifter and a button box and later you can add the soon to be announced indicator stalks. You will have I believe something you can build on but also have a more professional setup.

But straight out of the box with the R5 Bundle even without upgrades you can drive automatics! And simply add the TSW wheel to this $459+$299 which is almost the same price (if you need a button box see below).


Lets compare

The Hori system is £599 ($750 approx) and comes with everything you need to get trucking with an authentic feel.

MOZA R5 Bundle (with the clutch pedal upgrade is £500 you can add a MOZA HGP Shifter for £139.00. And make a button box for £30 (see below on how). You can later add the TSW wheel for £299. So this would be £300 more. But for that £300 you would be in a system which allows removal of the wheel and be able to use the bundle wheel for GT or F1 racing and use the button box for Iracing or ACC as well as trucking. It is also a Direct Drive wheel compared with the Hori which appears to be a G27 cog technology and a more toyish pedal set.


Button boxes are easily made and here is a tutorial. However, you can also just use and old tablet with Sim Dashboard or a used streamdeck.


Anything new for the trucking community is welcome. And whilst there are better alternatives out there. You have to applaud Hori for making this kit.

However, it is clear they may have had their wings clipped by Moza who have a Direct Drive alternative. If you buy the R5 Bundle, you will get a great setup for less than the Hori. Which you can later upgrade.

I think Hori missed a trick here in not making this Direct drive. Had this been a Direct drive and added £200 more to the price I feel they could have cleaned up! So for me the weakness is the old skool cog technology that has simply had its day and for many enthusiasts out of date. If you want to have Cog technology you can buy a G27 kit for £100 on ebay. Buy an wheel adapter plenty online) and put a larger wheel on it. The G27 comes with a button box on the included shifter and you can buy a USB Truck gear knob form Ali express for £16! I suspect this would be almost as good as this offering from Hori.

So in summary I feel the Hori missed a trick in trying to keep the price down. And may feel the pinch from the Moza R5 Bundle and TSW wheel.

Have fun and happy days!