AI Pushes forward with Kling, DeepMind V2A, AI BRAIN, OpenAI Nuclear AI, GPT-5

Kling and simulating real world physics may now challenge Sora!!!

AI is as predicted is moving fast, but it is video AI that looks so good and even behaves naturally. This will likely in time put much of film production out of business.

If you need a job in the future writing AI prompts is probably the gig to go for.

Sora here is already worried about Kling.

And this is just in a few months!

The fear now is deep fake will be so easy that nothing is certain so there maybe a career in proving original content? Like a President’s speech might have to have a single outlet (The Whitehouse only) so it can be trusted making journalism and say the BBC News 24 versions irrelevant!

Have fun and happy days.




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