What is the Best Free AI Image generator? (SOLVED)

OK, so here we go!

First caveat! This is not for commercial artists needing UHD renderings or for graphic designers using say Adobe. My suggestion here is to encourage those who have an interest but have not yet tried it, or maybe do not even know about it. This site is and always has been about me trying things reporting interesting news and looking at the world (and AI) through the eyes of a lay person. A friend holding your hand through this complicated world rather than a frustrated expert tutting at you for not being as smart as they are.

In recent years AI image generation has gone from strength to strength. Along the way many half decent websites have cropped up. There are many apps on phones that can do this. But I want to use a PC! Looking at images and editing is for me a PC world.

Next I want it free!

I do not want ‘credits’. Most sites you join like pixlr.com do a pretty good job at finding sources for your AI prompts. But just as you are adjusting the prompts your credits run out they give you for free when you sign up. Now they want money… So time to move on…

I have tried a number of sites and most have this problem. Plus you need to log in to start playing with the software.

So what I and most want is a site that is a ‘real website’ in the truest sense of the word. You go there, you use AI prompts to create a picture, you then keep changing the prompts until you get what you want without any constraints. Sure you can create an account if you want, but you do not have to. A bit like you reading this. You come, you look, you go.

So what is the solution? Whilst I am sure there are numerous startups right now that you are screaming at me for missing the one you like… The one I had the most fun with and that checks all the boxes was


I had some real fun there and I will show some samples below. It is great for creating clip art too. Its has other services too see their menu.

However, to prevent bots abusing it! They do request you register an email after a lot of attempts! I think it was like 20?

This was probably my favourite image! LOL I think in 50 years this maybe a common sight in Florida! An elder companion Robot from Tesla ensuring its charge is being well looked after wearing his suntan lotion and taken back to the nursing home after a few hours of relaxation. Ensuring he doesn’t wander off or go swimming. This takes enormous pressure off human staff and say cops looking for him. Don’t worry this is not a real photo or person. Its an AI image to illustrate a point!

This is how I created it!

I had probably 20 attempts to create this and some laughs along the way, some were better than others.

Here is the future of men with Robot Rage… Mine is bigger! But I have 2! Yeah don’t for a minute think this midlife crisis ain’t gonna happen just because it is 2060!!! Some things never change! 🙂

But that’s the beauty of not being a ppv site. Deep ai machine learning will gain a lot of info by allowing users to just dip in and play like this. And why I recommend it.

Have Fun and Happy Days creating your images!