What does MonkaTOS Mean?! (SOLVED)

What is MonkaTOS?

MonkaTOS is a shorthand meme that seems to have begun on TWITCH when they updated their Community Guidelines to include more minority groups such as disabled and transgender people for example.

The MONKA comes from MonkaS which is a Pepe the Frog emote showing anxiety and sweating with fear. TOS for Terms of Service.

A lot of people ask what this means and have to dig through Reddit for answers so I thought I would offer a definitive explanation.

So when a streamer says something they shouldn’t or if a member of their chat says say something Transphobic the chat spams the term MONKATOS!!! Because this behaviour could get them banned or suspended from Twitch.

As so many streamers (and Live YouTubers) make a living now from this. They and their moderators have to be extra cautious about hate crime terminology used on their channels.

So next time you are on TWITCH and see MonkaTOS you will know someone has put the channel at risk!



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