My Top 12 Youtube Channels and Video Channels

I thought for a bit of fun I would share with your my top YouTube Channels and Media Websites. The Best YouTube channels for me.

The ones I enjoy the most and tend to check every day. Obviously I have like 250+ subscriptions but these tend to me my current favourites. And will no doubt review these one day soon.

  1. Twit – For This Week in Tech usually when taking a bath! 🙂 – It keeps me up to date with the tech news world.
  2. Talk Radio UK – Primarily for The James Whale Show I can listen when playing GTA5 or Red Dead Redemption –
  3. Podcast Devotee – As it has the hilarious XFM Karl Pilkington recordings (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant). A must have go to sleep laugh!

Reaction Channels

  1. Jaboody Show – If you want one channel that is hilarious does voice dubs and are amazing GTA Role Players look no further if you are unsure watch Jerry Curl! Also and honourable mention to their old Jaboody Dubs Channel same guys dubbing videos here is a classic (they later were invited by this shopping channel to meet her but thats another story and video!) to get you started! 
  2. Afterwork Reactions – Funny humble American guy laughing at British sitcoms – what more could you want?
  3. Taffe316 – Amongst others who react to UK shows Taffe is another US reactor who loves British TV. Go take a look he even posts full length on DailyMotion!
  4. Andres El Rey – I must admit I am new to this channel but he reacts to Doctor Who from the first series of New Who 2005 so had to subscribe. I quickly found out he is the most camp and dramatic reactor on YouTube #FABULOUS!!! Just watch him! LOL

Real Life Channels and Tutorials Guilty Pleasures

This category is my strange findings on Youtube.

  1. Ron Pratt – Take Towing atm. I watched a channel where and old dude was rescuing folks on a beach in Seattle Called Hill Towing (honourable mention) on Youtube but soon got bored then found Ron Pratt! He uses a Rotator (Tator) He is as wholesome as John Boy Walton and as polite as a Town Mayor (or Ned Flanders!) every officer he works with at crashes is Yes Sir! He lives in the USA just check him out I suspect you will love him too!
  2. ChrisFix –  Car Repairs – This guy has simply saved me hundreds of pounds. I replaced my brakes (discs and pads) thanks to him and passed the MOT! Thanks Chris! Amazing channel. If you drive a vehicle BOOKMARK IT!


  1. Richard Herring – RHLSTP – Funny and fans of his double Act  with Stewart Lee will remember him well. He interviews comedians across the world. During Lockdown this guy was holding the home broadcasting digital comedy fort so well! And won an award for it.
  2. I joined this channel when they had 1.5k followers! hen they were promoted by a fmous US comic and the rest is history but I am an OG! Go check out Frankenstein’s Lab!

I hope this will give you something to look out for. I certainly enjoy them. And often with Youtube there is SO MUCH Choice you can maybe never find those little gems!

I will add another list at some future time as I watch so many. Oh and while you are at it subscribe to mine! 😉 I must upload some more soon of me gaming.

Have Fun!