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  • Probably the Funniest video about AI have seen!

    I laughed so hard till I cried at some of this so had to share it! Not laughed like this till I couldn’t breathe for ages especially at the patriotic trucks with flags! LOL 🙂 Enjoy! Have fun and Happy days! Surfwidow

  • Information and Educational Videos from the 80s today were so funny!

    This does feature some tech as it is a comedy look back at video gaming damage to the youth of the 80s and 90s. All old VHS tapes clevery edited and then reviewed by the hilarious Jaboody Show. See my previous post on my favourite YouTube Channels Which I will update in due course. It…

  • My Top 12 Youtube Channels and Video Channels

    I thought for a bit of fun I would share with your my top YouTube Channels and Media Websites. The Best YouTube channels for me. The ones I enjoy the most and tend to check every day. Obviously I have like 250+ subscriptions but these tend to me my current favourites. And will no doubt…