Spring Water vs Tap Water Chlorine and Chloramine UK


So people on a health kick, or those that finally make a massive lifestyle change focus on food but the next thing to look at is water.

Lets take a fasting diet, as I have talked about in previous posts. They work great, but on fasting days pure water is preferred. Because you are not spending money on food you can teat yourself to some nice bottled water.

The UK Gov have a strict criteria in this area and you can see the list here. Not all waters are the same…

See the DOEaRA Site https://www.gov.uk/guidance/compare-types-of-bottled-water

But for most, and especially now… the old saying, “There is plenty of water in tap!” applies. My great grandmother drank tapwater through lead pipes and lived to 98. So there is always this question about tap water. It contains many elements that cheap bottled water (using reverse osmosis) remove. So to get those back and ensure low to no chlorine you need spring or mineral water. But…. that’s pricey! Plus you gotta store it (and lug it home from the store!) its heavy.

There are some interesting quite balanced looks at the whole issue of chlorine and chloramine, here is a good view.

Boiling it!

The British drink a LOT of tea… and this goes some way to removing chlorine. As boiling water helps A LOT! Even boiling it and letting it go cold to fill your water bottles helps.

Winemakers remove it all the time using Campden tablets (sodium metabisulfite)… but that’s another story… feel free to look them up.

So, how do we know what to do? Well, in the UK there are datasheets available at most of your water companies. Here is mine for example.


If you cannot afford bottled water and remember, not all bottled waters are the same (see the DOE link above). Then tap water as is safe (in the UK). If you are fasting even put a little pinch of salt in it to ensure you get your electrolytes. However, boiling it and letting it cool will at least return you to your usual Tea levels of water you maybe used to. Many actually drink tea without milk and sugar whilst fasting. But personally without milk its not for me, so the temptation to just fill a glass from the tap is there as a result. But you can still boil it leave the lid off the kettle as it cools (also helps dissipate chlorine). Then there is the cheap bottle water in your supermarket. This tends to be reverse osmosis water. Removes everything really well. But also removes a lot of good stuff too your body needs. Minerals and metals. Whilst a ‘good’ diet will replace these, not everyone has a good diet! So this is your call. Lastly we have the mineral and natural spring waters. You can wash your veg in tap water and just drink these in your fasting window and it should be fine (depending on where you live of course). It maybe wise to boil and cool water for washing veg (especially raw salad) otherwise. And of course if you make stews and soups as part of your diet, boiling the water added to that as part of the cooking process… usually longer than 20mins (leafy veg, root veg and tubers) will remove almost all of it in an open pan.

What do I do

Until I started this fasting diet and reading the science around it I was, and still am (in my non fasting window) a tea with milk (occasionally decaf coffee) drinker (with no sugar maybe stevia in the coffee). I have never had any ill effects from my UK water although growing up Plymouth water is very good and soft (due to Dartmoor’s granite). If you live say in Essex then it will be harder water with calcium. But the truth is UK water is heavily regulated and their scientists inspect the water all the time. The main issues I read are about chlorination. Chlorine is used to disinfect. It remains in the water. It (according to many experts) will have an effect on your good microbiome (as they are bacteria too and can be harmed by it). so reducing the chlorine before you drink it can only be a good thing.

Personally, if I do not have any bottled water I will boil a kettle let it stand with the lid off. The cooldown time also is exposing it to the air so helps. when cold pop it in a washed plastic bottle and pop it in the refrigerator and it is at least the water you would usually have in tea (as it is boiled). And treat yourself to a few litres of fancy mineral water (spring if you can afford it) for your fasting day treats. That’s what I am doing.

Have fun and happy stay hydrated days!




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