How to Export a Calendar under Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning (2024)

How to Export a Calendar in Mozilla Thunderbird (SOLVED)

Sounds dumb as many cannot find the export button!

In many cases when they install Thunderbird (for me this is the best replacement for New Outlook Calendar that changed from their brilliant desktop version to some nightmare online affair. See my review here about that). The software often installs it clean, in other words the usual file, edit, view menu is not shown. And you spend hours frustratingly watching YT videos from 2010(!) wondering if it is now in say settings?

Well all you need to do which seems obvious after you know about it is to right click the Calendar settings tasks bar at the top, and select ‘menu bar’. Now you will see the usual MS menu at the top of most programs. Now select Events Tasks look down the list til you find Export (or Import) and save a copy of your calendar (that may have taken ages to fill out if you are busy) and save it to say a USB stick. So you can not only share this with other machines you can simply keep a backup should the worst happen. Remember the old saying… if it doesnt exist in three places it doesnt exist at all when it comes to backing up!

Hope this helps… And enjoy Thunderbird Calendar!

Its always simple when you know how! 😉

Have fun and happy days





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