Can Optimus Robots save Tesla (Elon Musk thinks so)?

OK straight from Transformers, Optimus (Prime) is a great name of course so always grab the good name for customer recognition.

But some time ago Elon Musk hailed a new direction for Tesla, called
Optimus Gen 2, and you can watch a short video clip on that here now

Roll forward 6 months to the present day. And he is espousing Tesla could become a trillion dollar company when they roll these humanoid robots to the average person.

Priced at less than a family car ($10k) this could be the solution to many household tasks, and maybe even a companion for the elderly and lonely?

It could report a fall or injury of a person. It could remind them to do things (safeguarding for dementia). Lift things, and put things away say from a shopping delivery?

Me personally(?), although a bit extreme… I do not fancy having something in my home with the power to snap my neck if it has a glitch! I am kinda of that same view with dangerous dogs as family pets. But that’s just me. At least for now of course!

I would certainly take a back seat in the same way driverless cars still make mistakes on their autopilot when a human has to take the wheel! Here is a funny example below! In Austin Texas where… well take a look!

That said, Electric Vehicles (or EVs) are now being questioned as the future of travel. Whilst they will always have a place, the difficulty in mining and building batteries, coupled with the pollution afterwards when they are end of life (EOL) makes them less attractive than Hydrogen.

Hydrogen fuelled vehicles seem to be the next big play from car manufacturers. The pollution? Clean steam! It’s water, and Hydrogen is the most common and abundant element in the universe.

It solves the demand for electricity needed to charge EVs. The demand for electricity currently outreaches the supply, as in, there are simply not enough power stations to supply all the EVs wished for. On top of that, the increasing energy demands for AI will quickly overwhelm most national grids! So The world is going to have to move to hydrogen, it really has little or no choice but to do so. It is already a well proven technology, and Tesla have to already know this, meaning they need a new direction to sustain their company.

Elon is a tech guy, and tech/ai (using maybe their X ai technology) and of course robotics is an ‘easy’ fit for Tesla, and this could be their future. In fact with Neurolink (another of Musk’s businesses) it could be possible that seriously disabled people could have a humanoid robot suit at some point! Or at least be able to control their ‘companion robot’ by thought alone! As long as later models do not walk like they have sh1t themselves we are gud! 😉

To watch Elon’s latest claims watch the video below

Have fun and Happy Days




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