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  • Browser Extensions Steal Your Data here is how!

    HOW Browser Extensions can Steal Your Data here is a very useful video to educate yourself about the dangers of browser extensions! Have fun and happy days Surfwidow

  • Widget dropdown arrows are not working | WordPress (SOLVED)

    WordPress Widget dropdown arrows are not working Here is a curious thing. I have WordPress in a few subdomains. And all but one worked fine. I went to edit a sidebar widget (as you do) and the drop down arrows were not working… This is quite serious as how on earth do you get to…

  • Privacy Badger from the EFF

    Privacy Badger maybe the way to prevent being tracked but from a VERY trusted source! The first thing to remember with trackers and cookies etc, is that most are there to help you. If yopu visit websites and block their ads then that site gets no revenue and goes out of business or simply become…