Udio vs Suno Which is the best AI music site to make your own free music? (SOLVED)

How do I make my own free AI generated music? (SOLVED)

OK more and more of these music production AI sites are popping up and most remain in Beta.

I recently wrote about Suno here so will focus on Udio and post some samples here with a summary at the end.

Udio allows you to create custom songs and melodies, and like Suno allow you to add your own lyrics, although in this example below I decided to allow the AI to generate them just to see how good they are. In the Suno post here I wrote my own lyrics.

Here is a screenshot

Here is a link to the song


My first impression is I prefer Udio. The reason mainly is Suno feels more of a fun way to make music and limits you (at this time alhtough this will clearly change) without paying, Although you can get some good music out of Suno. However, you really need to know your prompts or study others. Udio on the other hand you can jump in, signup in 2 seconds with your X account. And have a song published in just a few minutes, and Udio does give you all the prompts to just click on but you can, as I did below, add others. The track here took me 2 minutes then I extended it by another 30 seconds (at no extra charge) but added some additional prompts like, Sex Pistols, Anarchy, UK Punk etc… As I am in the UK and loved John Lydon. Then a message appeared (quite rightly) that they cannot use the likness of any artist or performer so will AI adapt what I said to similar prompts. Then 2 slight different tracks were created to choose from.

I think that’s pretty cool. Because they could have said. Start over you cannot use band names!!! But it was smart enough to see where I was going with this. TBF its not a bad track (probably a B side 🙂 from 77). But imagine I wrote some lyrics similar to God Save The Queen? You can already see the fun to be had here and just how addictive this will become. My only minor critique would be whilst it is trying a British accent, in places it leaks into US punk. But no doubt that will change. Ai is getting better daily! But compared to the effort involved in creating this track from scratch with a band, recording equipment, mixers, instruments, studio time… I mean there it is done! All done in less time it takes to make a cup of coffee!!! It is truly mind boggling and I write about this all tie time and its still exciting. But again not if you are a musician! :/

Whilst artists are no doubt shaking in their boots at all this. Just imagine you want to send your mother a mother’s day song written by you about fond memories you have had together, in the style she loves? Say 80s New Romantic? Its amazing and so unique!


Whilst both Suno and Udio are good fun, I think Udio is better geared to the professional than Suno. Suno does have a certain familiarity in the AI singing, maybe they need more singers to trawl? I think their Chicago Blues is a nice natural voice. But, Udio straight off the bat gave me something completely different and I had not heard that voice before.

If you are a pro start with Udio, if you want to just dip your toe in the water for a laugh (for now as this is changing fast!) Go with Suno… Or just try both! What have you got to lose they are both free to use (for now!), 🙂

Udio https://www.udio.com/

Suno https://suno.com/

Have fun and Happy Days




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