How do you turn off Google Safesearch? (SOLVED)

How do I turn off Google Safe Search?

This is interesting and something surprisingly people do not even notice on their browser!

If you look at the top right of your Google Chrome Browser you will often see Safesearch is on!

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What is FivePD and how does it compare to LSPDFR GTA5?


This is quite exciting. As a long time player of LSPDFR the one thing that is very annoying is to have friends play requires FiveM and at that point much of the LSPDFR abilities are lost.

What if you could take LSPDFR and FiveM and mix it together? This is where FivePD comes in. Whilst it fun arresting friends and roleplaying with real people. It seriously limits the gameplay. As many of the AI (npc) create chaos and could be stopped and charged.

This sounds amazing and from the info and videos I have been watching I really hope this is something that moves forward.

It has been in development now for about a year. So if you like LSPDFR and GTARP and want more cop action during your downtime with other Rpers then this is for you!

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What is the best multivitamin? Aldi v Morrisons

What is the best multivitamin Morrisons vs Aldi

Many supermarkets in the UK sell multivitamins. In this case the version with minerals (which is bigger). Recently I noticed Morrisons changed their tablet but not their bottle. I was shocked to see the new pill was almost identical to the version sold by Aldi for much less! I was actually not only surprised but annoyed by this as it felt sneaky as its the same bottle Morrisons used to use but with different contents. Just look at the prices and photos below and you tell me if you feel that this is one manufacture shipping in a multitude of branded bottle now?

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Google Founders $127 billion fortune and how they spend it.

Google’s cofounders lost almost $2 billion each after Alphabet reported lower than expected revenue. Here’s how they built a combined $127 billion fortune and how they spend it.

I love a good snoop. But it is really interesting just how grounded they are! Here is a list of what their billions buy you and how they spent them!

Google Co Founders

I am surprised they do not live in floating space pods. Their homes seem very simple for such lavash wealth! I think they need to speak to Donald Trump for some tips. 😉

Have Fun!


Cheats Pizza How to save money on Takeaway!

How do I make a Pizza on a budget that looks amazing?

Simply you can buy a really basic pizza (Buy Cheese and Tomato if you like Cheese or Peperami version if you like less cheese) for 65p from Aldi or Lidl stores.

Then buy a pack of Chorizo slices and a jar of olives some oregano and a few tomatoes. Then dress it up as shown and bake as normal. Your friends will NEVER KNOW! And the extras you buy tomatoes etc will last for many of these pizzas. You can freeze the rest of the chorizo slices and everybody has tomatoes in their fridge!

Additional toppings on a basic 65p peperami pizza!

Have fun and Yum! Yum!