Elon Musk predicts Dogecoin to be the currency of Mars!

What will be the Currency used on Mars? Dogecoin.

Musk hype Dogecoin

About 10 years ago I was (and still am but to a lesser extent) obsessed with the online tech network Twit.tv. On that there was (who now is the Vatican’s upcoming tech Jesuit… and regular contributor still to ‘This Week in Tech’) Father Robert Ballecer AKA @padresj on twitter (look him up). He hosted a few shows at the time and one was a kind of gadget homebrew diy tech geeky kinda fun show called Know How here is the link (and transcript) to that episode. On that show 9and for many shows after as he built mining rigs like this (this was mine at the time and would still work) he gushed about this new cryptocurrency called Dogecoin. The main reason is by that time the possibility of generating new bitcoin was slim. And Doge was already being used in charity donations and just had a more caring and community fee. They were cheap to create. You could generate them with you PC idling (you still can). And either sit on them and hope that they go up in value or give them away to good causes.

However, Musk went on to predict that the meme-based bitcoin rival dogecoin, or perhaps some other cryptocurrency, will eventually become the official currency of Mars—something Musk has previously hinted at with a proposed project to use his rocket company SpaceX to “put a literal dogecoin on the literal moon.”

“I think Mars itself will need to have a different currency … I don’t know if Mars would have a cryptocurrency as a thing, but probably it seems likely, but it would be kind of a localized thing on Mars,” Musk said, adding: “The future of Mars should be up to the Martians.”

Last week, Musk, who’s this year called for dogecoin developers to upgrade the meme-based cryptocurrency in order to better compete with bitcoin and ethereum, has weighed in to a crypto-wide row over web3—the idea a decentralized crypto and blockchain-based version of the internet could replace the Silicon Valley-centric web 2.0—revealing why he’s “pro doge.” (Forbes.com)

This last month Elon Musk… My favourite Ironman is now suggesting that Bitcoin is kinda done and that he is looking at Dogecoin to be the currency for MARS!

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PS3 GTAO RIP The End of an Era!

PS3 GTAO RIP Hello The Contract on PS4 Xbox and PC.


So it is with great sadness that Rockstar decided to end their PS3 GTA Online servers on Dec 16th 2021. To be fair they did give a 6 months warning. Although many on newer systems felt this was a non story and who cares(?), the truth is many, many people who played on GTA5 Online on PS3 were often from developing countries, or on low incomes, and could only afford this on PS3. The used DVD games market means that the disc is around $5 or less as the second hand disc market is buoyant. I felt they should have continued to run the servers at least until GTA6 was launched.

Being in the UK I often played with people in my time zone and many were from Africa. one of my friends I often did heists with was a lovely girl from Zimbabwe. I said, ‘listen if you even get a PC on Steam add me…’ She said she might struggle to get a PC but I explained that you can get quite an old one that would run GTA5 (check the minimum specs) and the Online servers do carry a lot of the load story mode does not (thats a little tip btw if you get texture loss in storymode try online you will be amazed just how Rockstar lift the weight from your PC!). So not sure if she will get one, but it is an example of the fact that often it is not the console but rather buying GTA5 on steam new thats the prohibitive factor.

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GTA Definitive Trilogy a Full review

GTA Definitive Trilogy just exactly does the gaming community think?

This has been a long time coming and despite the offline servers issue over the last few days (Rockstar made PC play impossible even for GTA5 Online) it has had very mixed reviews.

Of course those who were there first time around will fondly remember it and want it back in a crisper version to play again, and those bored of GTA5 who never played it the first time around will likely play it on PC especially after their favourite Twitch stars have demonstrated it.

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Facebook Metaverse Mark and the future of VR

Its time to begin the move to a Ready Player One VR world. And Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg has dreamed big.

From a messageboard to media to Oculus to this… It is going to happen. Maybe not as good as the video below will show just yet. But as we already have Second Life and VRchat. Merging the two concepts is possible right now.

Below is Marks Presentation but rather than have the official video version I have linked to a VR channel on Youtube that has a very active and telling chatroom beside it to see what the people likely to be the first to use this actually think. The chat is actually hilarious and the number of ‘Cringe’ comments made me laugh. But it does look exciting especially for those of us who are isolated.

For the chat version click here


When Robotic eyes look back at you something strange happens in humans!

When you know you’re being watched, it’s hard to pretend i is not happening. This applies to anything watching you.

Tis has now been fully evaluated by scientists using robots as the ‘watcher’ to see how it changes our behaviour.

Science Alert reports… ‘If the robot looked up at the human players during the session, it ended up affecting the participants’ behavior and strategy in the game – a change that could be discerned in measurements of their neural activity recorded by electroencephalography (EEG) during the experiment.’

This kinda in a way reminds me of the quantum observed photons that behave differently when observed but I digress…

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