The IBM PC turns 40

Well it is everywhere. Nerds across the world reporting on the fact it has been 40 years since IBM famously launched the Model 5150 (or IBM PC). At a time when Commodore and Apple controlled the market Big Blue, who were more known for their bland beige business machines (the clue is in their title IBM) stepped into the PC market. And made  Bill Gates a billionaire in the process! Yes it was IBM who started Bill but thats another story. But the PC was born and much of what we use today is in part thanks to IBM. Bon Anniversaire!



Simulation Theory is Elon Musk Right?

Is this a simulation? Do we live in a simulation?

I have long admired Elon Musk here, although this was some time ago, do you think he was onto something? Doctor Who has used the idea in the episode Extremis. Are we all in some GTA 5 Simulation? Are you just an NPC going about your daily life with no actual choices despite thinking everything you do is a choice? In reality its just coded to be that way? In any case enjoy this moment it is wonderful!

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Google create a Time Crystal Perpetual Motion Machine! Quantum Computer!!!

Google create a perpetual motion machine!

OK we all know that the laws of Thermal dynamics work on Entropy! You cannot create a perpetual motion machine because of entropy right? But what if the situation used quantum physics? And it turned on and off the chaos element? Thus creating the impossible? A perpetual motion machine that does not suffer entropy? Well it looks like it has happened. Here is the link enjoy! BTW it of course could be snake oil but looks promising!

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Microsoft sinking their data centers to the bottom of the sea!

Underwater Data Centers

We all know by now thats servers genrate heat and a lot of servers generate a LOT of heat! Then there is dust, maintenance, and the corrosive oxygen in the atmosphere.
What if you put a Data Center in a sealed tank remove the air or replace it with say Nitrogen. Sink it into the cooling depths of the North Atlantic? What would happen? Continue reading…


Upgrade to Windows 11 for free! Watch the Video that explains everything you need to do!

Get Windows 11 for free right now! Watch the Video for the full installation guide.

Why wait until the new year. You can get Windows 11 right now for free direct from Microsoft. It is called Windows Insider. Below is a video that explains everything you need. Visitors to this blog will remember me testing Windows 10 as an Insider and rest assured it is legit and from Microsoft.

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