Romanian Voice Winner Bogdan Loan Michael Jackson Impersonator

Probably the best Michael Jackson Impersonator I have ever heard! Sure there are better dancers and lookalikes (whole package), but as a vocalist unbelievable!

He went on to win the Romanian Voice and I found him by accident….what do you think? I mean English his not his first language either!

As Michael is no longer with us #rip then this is the next best thing! As he can sing songs like him and we can hear what new songs would have sounded like had he sung them. A bit like when Freddie Mercury passed they had to find a stand in. BTW I do like that Judges stare 35s in! Like a lion hunting its prey!


Have fun and Happy Days



Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Airships the future of transport?

How much does it cost to fill a Blimp with Helium?

I was curious about Helium as i have heard it is running out. Helium can only be created at the center of a star or extracted from natural gas, a byproduct of radioactive decay of uranium and thorium and cannot be manufactured synthetically. This is probably another factor along with many others to mine the asteroid belt. But for now I went down a rabbit hole (as you do) and wondered just how much it would cost to fill a small blimp? You know the size of the GTA5 one. That appears to be around 50k! So then I thought Blimps they would be pretty good environmentally. I mean they are quiet, and can haul weight! And even good for remote areas like the Arctic and Africa where there is difficulty hauling heavy plant to remote locations without airstrips. Of course others have thought of this too… Hydrogen was the thorn in the side of the great Airships of the 30s. And that setback the mindset of the public ever since… The line Oh the Humanity as the Hindenburg crashes to the ground almost halted the whole idea for decades.

Today Lockheed have developed a pretty cool Blimp that rests on Hovercraft pads that can manoeuvre and suck it to the ground. The shape will cause UFO panic and maybe already has?

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Surf Widow


Masons Minerals The Plymouth Devon UK Soft Drinks Company Mason’s

Long Gone Plymouth Companies

I maybe showing my age and location…. But in the 70s and way before zero sugar! Existed in Cattedown Plymouth the Mason’s Minerals soft drinks company. Housed in a building just off Southside Street in Plymouth was a building that supplied Plymouth with returnable fizzy drinks from lemonade to Vimto!

I remember returning those bottles for 10p 🙂 Those were the days and it was recycling! I loved Vimto… although every kid in Plymouth seemed to be on a sugar high. A very dear family friend was the manager of this company and I remember him even giving us bags of sugar to help us out! 😡 Well they had forklifts full of it! And times were hard! Bless you for that!

I did a Google search for for this and found nothing so have started it here now!

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AI Conciousness?

Is AI conscious?

AI and machine learning is maybe a blessing in disguise. From the proposed truth algorithms that will take a lot longer to understand nuance and human logic (trolling for fun to mental illness) yet are increasingly depended upon by states to manage their populations even if flawed.

Nevertheless the increased dependence on AI in now what are very serious situations like driving and face recognition are open to exploitation. As few judges expected to decide on cases that involve AI are experts in the field and rely on those that code this as expert witnesses that may well be biased. This is an interesting video take a look.

Why does he look like Prince Charles though? Let me guess its the narcissistic Scientists who developed it? LOL!


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Arthur C Clarke Predicts the Future

I just thought that he was not only a brilliant Scifi writer but a futurist way ahead of his time. Luckily he was still around for the Internet and probably said I told you so… But covid remote offices and the race to Mars and Brain implants (even mentions remote surgery!) is happening right now. I wonder just how much his forward thinking affected those who strive for these goals today? A lot of his terminology has been seized and used by ScFi film makers youll know when you hear it!

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