NeXt Personal Air Taxi

The NeXt Personal Air Taxi promises Autonomous flight bookable from a phone app!

AirTaxi from NeXt!

This is a tech blog and not a flight blog. However, sometimes the two will meet. Flight like ground vehicles increasingly are becoming autonomous. However, the hurdle seems to be taking to the skis for personal transport that does not require an airport or acres of land and a pilots licence. Modern aircraft today have screens and fly by wire already and of course autopilots routing, mapping, they can even land themselves! If you want a great channel on YouTube for Aviation with a 747 pilot who explains everything in a fun way check out Kelsey on 74 Gear here. The fact that the skies are almost empty compared to the roads makes the idea of Air Taxis or Air Ubers very attractive. The advancement (compared to the early days) in quadcopter technology and their ability to stay still film and move to designated points flawlessly can of course just be upscaled. Courier companies are already trialing it (Amazons infamous air delivery service for example) so this is where the Bolaero comes in. Bol Aero get it…. nice!

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Tesla Bot vs Boston Dynamics

New Tesla Bot

Well despite Elons nervousness around AI he continues to push forward with his semi sentient robots. Describing his cars as Robots rather than regular vehicles. It is clear this man is on a mission. Elon to me is difficult to read. He is very distant in most interviews and often challenges the whole issue of AI and how we will be left behind. Yet himself runs a big software company that embraces these very issues. Well now he has gone one step further. And created an AI Robot but in humanoid form. Now most and even Marcus in this video cannot understand why this is when other shapes are more practical. But I see it more likely to be used for companionship and mundane shelf stacking. Well for now. But imagine an army of them with weapons. And then we see something very different. Make your own minds up.

Video Click here

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AI Robots tackle surgery, driving, deliveries and much much more!

Boston Dynamics and others have been working very hard on robots. I think unless you have been under a rock you have already seen the weird world of Boston Dynamics. Any Youtube search will reveal their strange and somewhat terrifying world. But there is so much more to AI and robotics! Especially the advancements in keyhole surgery for example. In this video they take a look at this fascinating world. All we can wonder is is this the beginning of the end with Terminator Skynet? Or is it a brave new world that will save us all? Well watch this video and see!

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The IBM PC turns 40

Well it is everywhere. Nerds across the world reporting on the fact it has been 40 years since IBM famously launched the Model 5150 (or IBM PC). At a time when Commodore and Apple controlled the market Big Blue, who were more known for their bland beige business machines (the clue is in their title IBM) stepped into the PC market. And made  Bill Gates a billionaire in the process! Yes it was IBM who started Bill but thats another story. But the PC was born and much of what we use today is in part thanks to IBM. Bon Anniversaire!



Simulation Theory is Elon Musk Right?

Is this a simulation? Do we live in a simulation?

I have long admired Elon Musk here, although this was some time ago, do you think he was onto something? Doctor Who has used the idea in the episode Extremis. Are we all in some GTA 5 Simulation? Are you just an NPC going about your daily life with no actual choices despite thinking everything you do is a choice? In reality its just coded to be that way? In any case enjoy this moment it is wonderful!

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